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 Oregon Mountaineering Association
131 NW 4th St. # 258; Corvallis OR 97330
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Climbing and Skiing Conditions Report

The OMA began posting a climbing conditions report in the spring of 2004. It was updated throughout the spring but discontinued in early summer. In the spring of 2005 it is being issued sporadically. All reports have been prepared by one person so far. Now that there is a framework in place it could be greatly improved and also posted more frequently if additional climbers/skiers would assist.

The report is currently issued in one of our forums. This allows us to get an accurate indication of how much use and interest there is, will allow feedback on current reports, and will potentially allow for a team approach if others care to get involved.

As of June 2005 all reports have been prepared as a public service by Jim Frankenfield - international avalanche center director, alpine engineering consultant and mountain guide. The gaps in the conditions report schedule reflect lengthy trips to Canada and Europe during which nobody else was available to prepare a report. Distribution via the website forum and input on conditions are provided by the general membership of the OMA.

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