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Archived Climbing Report - May 14, 2004

These reports were summaries based on reports from climbers and skiers, weather and avalanche reports, and prior experiences. Observations are sparse and conditions vary widely throughout the Cascades as well as with elevation and aspect on any particular mountain. The intent of these reports is to give a starting point for what to expect - but your safety and that of your partners relies on your own observations and decisions!

These reports are archives and are saved for reference only - they do not apply at this time!!!

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[Current or most recent report] - Issued sporadically as resources permit

Friday May 14, 2004

There are essentially no new reports from the mountains to offer any real update from. The previous report (May 9) still contains the most recent first-hand information available as well as some generally applicable comments.

The past week has been unsettled with variable weather conditions but little in the way of significant precipitation. A climber who had completed the south side of Mt Hood indicated it refroze well Thursday night with a temperature of 21F in their tent, but also claimed it rapidly became very wet and heavy during the day Friday. Skiing lower on the mountain was reportedly good.

There have been scattered clouds both during the day and night in different parts of the range this past week. This means the effects of solar radiation, overnight radiational cooling, and whatever precipitation did fall are probably not very uniform. It appears that we are generally well into late spring conditions but keep your eyes open for local variations in snow and weather conditions.

The outlook is for unsettled weather through at least Tuesday. Showers are forecast to move in by early Saturday with freezing or snow levels up to 9000', but by Sunday this should drop. Some chance of showers remains until late Tuesday or Wednesday at this point. It is possible that showers will be isolated and localized and that some periods of sun will exist. If you set out in good weather keep in mind that you may be climbing or skiing into a storm, including convective thunderstorms in the afternoons, and prepare accordingly. The most current source for weather details are the NWS zone forecasts for the Oregon Cascades, available on the internet and via weather radio. These are updated daily at 3 am and pm and 9 am and pm (more or less).

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[Current or most recent report] - Issued sporadically as resources permit

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