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Doug Ironside

Iif you want to read a report about an encounter in the field with this guide a copy has been appended below, at the end of this page. The author has no affiliation whatsoever with the OMA.

Doug Ironside was involved in assisting ranger Glen Kessler in harassing the OMA over classes that were offered at subsidized prices as a service but were perceived by Kessler as competition for his business, MountainSavvy. This is an example of how government employees ignore ethics regulations, pursue conflicting interests, and abuse their government positions ... if you do business with Mountainsavvy, Glenn, or Doug Ironside you are supporting this.

Several years and numerous incidents later Ranger Kessler, by then with the National Park Service, wrote a fraudulent and harassing bad check to the non-profit avalanche center. That report was read by somebody who thought it sounded rather familiar to an incident in which Doug Ironside wrote bad checks stolen from another climber to a local climbing shop. Indeed this was the case, as you can read for yourself in the police report which we obtained from the Bellingham Police Department.

You can find out much more about the underlying issues involving Mountainsavvy here on our website. We present facts - what happened and when - and supporting documents. Many documents which we have requested from the US Forest Service which would shed a great deal of light on matters have, of course, not been provided. There have been allegations against us, primarily in the form of presumed guilt, which have not been backed by either documents or facts. Don't be misled about who is being open and honest and who is not.

Here is a report of an encounter with Oregon guide Doug Ironside in the field. It was written by somebody with no affiliation whatsoever with the OMA, and there is no indication they even knew about us. It was posted elsewhere on the web ...

12/29/05 Another trip to Bennett Pass with the family. .... there was about 3" of fresh on top of a soft crust on top of a foot of concrete like snow - I didn't even try my usual warm up run. .... It was skiable, sort of - it was like skiing through concrete that had started to set up..... A couple skied by and went up the hill - I didn't think anything of it at the time - I figured they must know what they're doing. .... later I saw them making there way along from down in the gully in the woods - hmm, must be expert skiiers to be cruising around down there. I took another run ..... So I see them sidestepping down our play area and then taking off their skis and stomping in it - turns out the lady hurt her ankle. I check to see if they need assistance and offer my foam pad and some cord as the guy - who seems to know what he's doing - is talking aabout making a sled to pull her out. I take another run and then we decide maybe we should head out so we can help them out, as he's made about 100 yards in 20 minutes. My wife and daughter agree to ski down and let his group know they're OK (sort of) and I'll help him get her out. We put her ski on her good foot and each took an arm to support her and skied out the 1.5 mile to the car. It took quite a long time with breaks to rest our arms. It turns out this guy - Doug Ironside - is leading a group of novice skiers in a Portland Parks and Rec outing. Which begs the question, what was this guy doing taking a novice skier out off the trail in marginal conditions. I'll think I'll check up on him .... - he sounded like a big-time mountaineer, though how much was bluster intended to impress the young lady... I was happy to help out the young lady, but was somewhat miffed that my family's fun got cut short with this guys irresponsible behavior.

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