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Glenn Kessler Police Report

Glenn Kessler, former ranger on Mt Hood and now on Mt Rainier, has been a key figure in (fruitless) harassing investigations, at great public expense, for the purpose of protecting his own forest service permitted monopoly on Mt Hood. His most recent known activity was writing a fraudulent and harassing check to the nonprofit avalanche center. This is the actual police report for that activity.

[ His initial attack against the OMA involved local guide Doug Ironside. As it turns out Mr Ironside also has his own history of check forgery in which he stole a fellow climbers checks and attempted to pass them off on a local climbing shop.]

The Cover Page lists three Offenses:

  • ORS 164.377 Computer Crime - Felony
  • ORS 165.007 Forgery 2nd Degree
  • ORS 165.800 Identity Theft

Page two lists 1 Suspect (KESSLER, S1), 1 Victim (V1), 1 Complainant (C1), 3 Others (O1 - Gorge Networks, O2 - CPD Personnel, and O3 - David Waag).

(A) Initial Information

PN, admin specialist, brought me the paper work submitted concerning a check that was sent via iTransact, an internet check processing company, to the CSAC Avalanche Center (Victim, V1).

{Long detailed description of paper check here ...} The bank routing number is 125000105 belonging to US Bank. The account number is false and has too many digits. The check is allegedly from "Jimsa Dickhead, Csac Plaza, SLC, UT, 80020, phone 202533-3333. The pay to the order of is CSAC (Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center). {Lengthy check description continues ...}

Complainant [C1] also provided a copy of the email confirmation of the online payment. This included the IP address from which the order was placed. ( With this number I could request a subpoena. Complainant also provided a printout of a WHOIS query for the IP address provided on the order. A WHOIS query will provide information regarding the registered owner of the IP address. I ran my own WHOIS query and confirmed that the owner of the IP address is Gorge Networks, Inc.

I called and spoke with [O1], technical contact for Gorge Networks. He told me that they do retain transaction information that far back and he could provide information with a subpoena. He said the account is a static IP, meaning it is assigned to a customer and does not change every time the user logs on or off. I requested a subpoena.

(B) Follow Up

I received the subpoena results from [O1] from Axxis Communications. The user information of the above IP address is DAVID WAAG, who resides in Hood River, Oregon.

I called and spoke with WAAG. I asked WAAG about the check and he told me he did not know what I was talking about.I offered more detail about my investigation.

In speaking with WAAG I discovered he has a friend by the name of GLENN KESSLER, who was staying at his home during the time period in question. WAAG said he allowed KESSLER to use his home computer at will. WAAG told me KESSLER is currently a ranger for Mt Rainier National Park. WAAG told me KESSLER is currently in Montana for at least a month. WAAG provided me with KESSLER's cell phone number.

I called and left a message for KESSLER to call me.

(C) Supplement

GLENN KESSLER phoned me. I spoke with KESSLER about the check. KESSLER told me he would never have done anything like this. KESSLER denied sending the check.

KESSLER said that while he was staying at WAAG's home he had many friends over. KESSLER said one of his "wise guy" computer "guru" friends probably sent the check. {Note - Notice the similarity between this effort to deflect the blame and the effort made by Doug Ironside to shift blame to Donald Scott in his checak fraud case. Also Note - Bad check related offenses carry much more severe penalties if there is a prior record. While KESSLER is unlikely to claim responsibility from either himself or his guru friend this could be an additional incentive for failing to come forward with additional information.}

I asked KESSLER to talk to his friends and find out who actually sent the bad check and have them call me. KESSLER told me he would try to remember who was visiting at the time the check was written. KESSLER said he would call me back if he was able to track down which friend did this.


This report was eventually closed when KESSLER failed to ever call back. Given that he does not know who was there at the time and is not claiming responsibility himself the chain of accountability stops with WAAG at this time. It is established that the check originated from his static IP number.

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