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Oregon Mountaineering Association

Oregon Mountaineering Association

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Membership is open to anyone anywhere - it is not limited to Oregonians.


  • Route Description Sheets - Two page descriptions of select mountaineering routes in Oregon, in pdf. Members have free unlimited access to these information sheets in pdf format, online. Here is a sample.

  • Online Route Descriptions - The development of pdf route sheets is a slow and ongoing process and for most known routes which do not have pdf sheets there are route descriptions on the website. These are open only to members.

  • Information - Conditions and trip reports which havebeen posted by members are archived and can be searched. In addition to the public Conditions links there is a more detailed page of links in our Weather Center in the members area.

  • Trips - OMA organized outings and classes are open only to members. While we now offer few official trips we do offer some large discounts. You must join if you are interested in participating in any trips we do run or in using any discounts. You can also list your own trips in the Facebook Group for members.

  • Partners - You can use our Facebook Group for members or our Facebook page which is public to network with other climbers and share information on conditions or arrange climbs.


New memberships are always valid for at least 12 months, often longer .

An individual membership in the OMA costs $25 for a minimum of one year. Additional members from the same family (spouses or partners, children) are $10 each. Student memberships are $10. Money collected for dues and for official association classes and climbs is put towards the costs of running the organization, including the publicly accessible webpages, the member-only pages (such as the route descriptions and archived reports), and all member services. We also support a few select mountain safety projects when we can. The membership fee also includes an OMA T-shirt.

Renewals have traditionally been on a sliding scale depending on level of activity. For trip leaders and class instructors it was free, for members who posted trips or condition reports it has been greatly discounted, and even for inactive members who renew within the specified time the cost is very low.

Student Memberships - $10

Student memberships are full memberships with no limitations.

We now offer a student membership for anyone currently enrolled in any college, university, or high school. The new member fee is $10 which includes an OMA t-shirt. The membership will be valid for atleast 12 months just as any other membership, regardless of continuing student status. Proof of current student status needs to be submitted with the membership form. The easiest way to do this is to contact us from an official .edu email address. (We will be glad to use any address you want in our records, we just need one email to establish you are affiliated with a school.)

How to Join

Join online, this is now the only way. We no longer have a snail-mail address or a bank account other than paypal. You will be added to the members e-mail list and given a website password, and you will be eligible for all benefits listed above.


If your membership is expiring you need to renew asap or you will be considered a new member again. The cost to renew is $10.

Renewals do not include a t-shirt. Lapsed memberships that are considered new members again do include a shirt.

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