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Ollalie Trail - OSU Trip - Lost, No Map, Inadequate Clothing

August 23, 2002

From the Eugene Mountain Rescue newsletter, "The Belay Line":

On August 23rd 2002, twelve OSU students went on a hike as part of freshman orientation. They became lost on the Ollalie trail near Horse Creek road and made an ill-advised descent into King Creek. Two managed to hike out and report the others missing. Tim McCall located the remaining party. He and Daniel Miller spent 6 hours helping them climb out of the valley. Fortunately the weather was good. The search team consisted of T McCall, D Miller, Papé, Reynolds and Swanston

Additional Information -

This was an official OSU-run trip, not an informal trip organized through a student club. From several independent discussions with people in Lane County the following picture emerges:

The group began with twelve people. The groups leadership remains unclear but appears to have been a significant factor. Somehow the group got off the hiking trail, and without any maps or a compass they could not determine or agree on which direction to go. Two who disagreed with the rest found their way out to the trailhead.

The remaining group apparently had a leadership crises and could not agree on what actions to take. Somehow they ended up descending into a steep gorge or ravine and became trapped. How they ever ended up where they did seems to remain a mystery to everyone involved.

Most or all of the group had only light cotton clothing with them. They were found after dark and it took a great deal of time and patience to help everyone out of the deep valley in the darkness.

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