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Mt Rainier Commercialization

The following e-mail was received through Wild Wilderness and is a questionairre about the management of Camp Muir. Note that the entire questionaire is centered on making this high camp a better place for the commercially guided clients of the parks politically protected "guiding" concession. The interest is clearly not in mamagement for the general public. It is not clear if any changes will be paid for by the NPS for the benefit of their commercial partner, or if the guide service will pay for changes as part of its business costs.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2005 11:12 AM
Subject: Camp Muir Questions

Mount Rainier now accepting comments on Camp Muir Planning Process

Key questions the park would like public input on:

1. How should the park best modify existing uses of structures or provided
new structures at Camp Muir to fulfill the intent of the Commercial Services
Plan in providing a variety of guided climbing visitor experiences?

2. How should structures at Camp Muir serve day use visitors?

3. Should there be separation at Camp Muir between guided public visitors
and independent public visitors?

4. Should the public, guides and clients sleep in built structures or in

5. Should cooking shelters be provided at Camp Muir to reduce potential
hazards associated with visitors sleeping and cooking in the same structure
during inclement weather?

6. How can the park provide better information o Camp Muir visitors to
ensure they are informed of potentially hazardous conditions during
inclement weather?

7. Can multiple concessionaires share the same facilities or should
separate facilities be provided for each concessionaire?

8. If new structures are to be built at Camp Muir should they be for the
public or for concessionaires?

9. Should potable drinking water that meets WA State Public Health
Department/EPA "Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule" be available to
concessionaires' guides and clients?

Submit your comments in writing to:
Superintendent, Mount Rainier National Park, Tahoma Woods, Star Route,
Ashford WA 98304 OR VIA EMAIL to

The survey was sent to Wild Wilderness by a climber with the following note attached:

Attached is an opportunity for you to comment on the further
commercialization of the facilities at Mt. Rainier's Camp Muir. (You likely
know that the Muir high camp is the most used by climbers that ascend The
Mountain.) Too bad the questionnaire represents a foregone conclusion to
the Park's Commercial Services Plan, and is another sorry example of the
selling of access to our public places... pay your fee to the concessionaire
and you are in. Go as an independent and there will be no room at the inn.
In my opinion, the questions represent what the commercial services want.
What you see in the thinly veiled questions will be the end result.

For what it will accomplish (i.e. nothing), I will at least have the
perverse pleasure in completing and submitting the questionnaire.

Venting more fumes and steam than Mt. St. Helens,


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