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 Oregon Mountaineering Association
131 NW 4th St. # 258; Corvallis OR 97330
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OMA Photo Gallery

Basic Mountaineering Class

We offer a couple basic mountaineering classes a year. This photo gallery was created in the spring of 2002 and photos were only available from a few previous classes. We will expand and improve it with new photos from future classes.
"Classroom" Day - We always hold the first day in a park where we cover many basics of ropework and many skills which do not require snow. In the first row students are figuring out various pulley systems, in the second row they are learning to ascend a rope using prusiks. (We cover many other skills as well which we lack photos of at this time.)
Field Day - Following the classroom instruction students are eligible to spend a day in the field with some more experienced members. A few of the many things covered are shown here. In the first row students are learning and practicing crampon technique. In the second they are setting and testing a snow anchor. In the third row they are ascending a rope to get out of a crevasse while one person belays with an independent rope and another helps them over the edge with a 2-1 pulley.
Ice Climbing - Although it is not one of our key topics we usually have time at the end of a field day to try out a little steep ice on crevasse walls. While a few groups choose to keep the day shorter most are anxious to finish with this exciting experience.

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