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Oregon Mountaineering Association

Oregon Mountaineering Association

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OMA Photo Gallery

Mountain Images

Here are some images from Oregons mountains which were taken by various OMA members.

MJM took a photo of Mt Jefferson from the same vantage point on the same date each year. You can compare these to the Annual Climate Data for precipitation for Stayton. (1999 Calendar year = 55.92")

Sept 22, 2000
2000 - 43.88"

Sept 21, 2001
2001 - 40.76"

Sept 20, 2002
2002 - 47.18"

Sept 14, 2003
2003 - 56.58"

Sept 09, 2007
2007 - unknown"

Jim Frankenfield took photos of the glaciers on North Sister in September 2007 which show how little is left of most of them.

Thayer Glacier
East Side

Villard Glacier
NE Side
Glacier is on right

On left is Early Morning Couloir, not a glacier

Linn Glacier
North Side

Collier Glacier
West Side
Collier Glacier is the largest in Central Oregon and by some accounts in Oregon (whether by size or volume, if either, is not clear).

A few more photos of a few Oregon peaks by MJM

Mt WashingtonSend Postcard

Mt JeffersonSend Postcard

South SisterSend Postcard

Mt Hood Photos

North SideSend Postcard

White River
GlacierSend Postcard

The Hogsback Send Postcard

Mt Jefferson Photos

South Side, Fall Send Postcard

North Side Send Postcard

Summit PinnacleSend Postcard

The Three Sisters

Panorama 1Send Postcard

Panorama 2Send Postcard

From the NorthSend Postcard

North SisterSend Postcard

Middle SisterSend Postcard

South SisterSend Postcard

Broken Top Photos

Winter Send Postcard

Summer Send Postcard

Fall Send Postcard

Mt Thielson Photos
These are by members Steve and Todd Rogers and were on our interactive gallery that was part of our forums before we removed both.

From the SouthSend Postcard

Climbers on the Scree Send Postcard

On the mountain Send Postcard

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