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Mt Hood - General Information

Elevation:11,239 ft (3426 m)

Latitude-Longitude: 45.37360°N, 121.6925°W



  • Mt Hood and Vicinity, 1:24000 and 1:100000, 1984
  • Mt Hood North, 7.5 minute, 1980
  • Mt Hood South, 7.5 minute, 1980

The summit is almost exactly on the border of the two 7.5' maps.

US Forest Service Maps

  • Mt Hood Wilderness, 1983


  • Mt Hood Wilderness Map, 1990
    by Geo-Graphics of Portland

Photos (with some routes marked and labeled)


Climbing registration is optional. There is a climbers register in the WyEast day lodge foyer at Timberline on the South Side of the mountain. No other trailheads have climbing registers, just self-issue wilderness permits.

If you register please remember to return to record that you are back ok. Many people don't do this and it makes it difficult to tell if somebody is really on the mountain or whether they went home.

Please be aware that the Forest Service does not always check registrations on a regular basis. If you are late returning it may not be discovered for several days. Early in the season (and even during high season at times) weeks worth of registration forms have been known to accumulate. Registering does not guarantee that anyone will discover you are overdue, nor does it guarantee a rescue will be initiated.

Unfortunately climbing registrations have reportedly been the basis for privacy violations during rescue efforts. They have also shown up in Forest Service investigation files on people they dislike (whether they are for that person or for somebody suspected of having even a tenuous connection to them). Given these facts and poor monitoring of the forms it may be best to be sure that somebody you trust has all pertinent information such as your planned route, list of equipment and supplies, and time expected back as well as the amount of time your group is prepared to be out for. Count on this person to initiate a search/rescue effort directly with the county if necessary.

While a Mt Hood locator unit will help rescuers locate a party in poor weather it will not summons help. In addition to leaving your plans and preparations with a trusted party it is advised that parties carry some communications such as a cell phone or VHF radio.

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