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Oregon Climbing Routes

Mount Thielson - General Information

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Elevation: 9,182 feet (2799 meters)

Latitude-Longitude: 43.15310°N / 122.0658°W


Topozone Map


US Forest Service Maps

Trailheads and Approaches

1) Mt Thielson Trail - This is the most common approach for the west ridge, the most commonly climbed route. There is a large paved parking area with an obvious sign along highway 138 which runs from Roseburg east to US 97. The trailhead is about 80 miles from Roseburg and 20 miles from US 97.

2) Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

Climb Reports

This is a list of all archived climb reports filed by OMA members and entered into our database as of July 26, 2008. There are more which are recent and are still on the current reports forum. To view archived reports you must be a member of the OMA.

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