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Oregon Climbing Routes

Mt Washington - General Information

Elevation: 7,794 feet (2,376 meters)

Latitude-Longitude: 44.33°N, 121.83°W


Topozone Map


  • 7.5' Series - Mt. Washington (1988)

US Forest Service Maps

  • Mt Washington Wilderness (1973)


Trailheads and Approaches

1) Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) - From U.S. Highway 20-126 on Santiam Pass turn south toward Hoodoo Ski Bowl (big sign!) on USFS 2690 which is paved. At about 3 miles turn left (east) on USFS 811 and follow a dirt road a mile or so until the trailhead is found on the right. (Plenty of free undeveloped camping is possible along this road.) This is probably the easiest place to begin from since the PCT is well marked and well maintained.

2) Big Lake Campground - From U.S. Highway 20-126 on Santiam Pass turn south toward Hoodoo Ski Bowl (big sign!) on USFS 2690 which is paved. Follow this about 4. miles to the Patjens Lake trailhead (right side) on the west side of Big Lake. It is no longer possible to park beyond this at the end of the campground since it was turned over to commercial management. There is a network of trails around the lake which will lead to the PCT if followed correctly. It is easy to end up hiking towards Patjens Lakes or else to end up around the lake at the youth or church camp near the PCT. While this is a bit shorter than using the PCT trailhead it can be confusing, especially in the dark, and having to park back at Patjens Lakes trailhead diminishes the advantage somewhat as well. For climbers unfamiliar with this approach the PCT is recommended.

3) Hortense Lake - This infrequently used trailhead is supposed to offer more direct access to the east side of the mountain. Follow the directions for the PCT trailhead but follow USFS 811 further (about 3 miles total) to Hortense Lake. (After the PCT trailhead the road becomes much worse.) Follow a trail south for about 2 miles to Cache Creek. Leave the trail and travel cross country up Cache Creek and through meadows above to the east side of the mountain.


Climb Reports

This is a list of all archived climb reports filed by OMA members and entered into our database as of October 29, 2003. There may be more which are recent and are still on the current reports page, or some which will show up on a search but have not been listed here yet. To view archived reports you must be a member of the OMA.

Date Route View Report
1999-08-01 North Ridge View Report
2000-06-15 Big Lake Access View Report
2002-07-21 West Ridge
View Report
2003-10-06 North Ridge
View Report
2003-10-18 North Ridge
View Report

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