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Oregon Mountaineering Association

Oregon Mountaineering Association

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OMA Climbs and Classes

Avalanche Class: Enroll in the new Climbers Avalanche Awareness course for $50 which is a 50% discount. (OMA membership fee not included, add $25 if you are not yet a member.)

At one time the OMA offered about 4-6 mountaineering classes and 1-2 organized climbs per year. In July 2003 our entire outings program was forced into dormancy for a while, for reasons, which you can read about here. We had hoped to reinstate at least parts of it in a new form, but this has proven difficult. The avalanche class has been reintroduced in the form of a 50% discount on the course offered by the Avalanche Institute on This online approach has proven highly successful so far and does not rely on the use of land owned by the USFS.

The classes and trips were the cornerstone of our ability to connect people as climbing partners. We've also found with trips such as a climb of Three Finger Jack and Washington that nobody really makes a commitment without having to pay a nominal fee. Informally they've never caught on, while running them formally covered equipment costs and made it an event participants looked forward to and found memorable.

When a US Forest Service employee set up his own business on Mt Hood the agency decided they didn't like our competition. They  even spent a couple seasons combing the south side climbing route on Mt Hood looking for any OMA climbs, which is amusing because we never did any Mt Hood climbs. Not even one!

Members can still post their own trips on our web site.

Alternatives to OMA Classes

Hot - The Avalanche Institute on

  • Online Avalanche Classes. OMA members can register at a discount.


  • Avalanche Classes by special arrangement, minimum group size of 4. Level 1, Level 2, and customized classes are possible.

  • This is the best alternative to our basic mountaineering class. Any individual or group can arrange a similar class, the cost will depend on how many people are in your group. Other classes on specific topics or skills are also possible. Unfortunately this can only be arranged privately on request and the cost savings realized through the OMA are no longer possible so it does cost a bit more. But it's still very cost competitive.

Wilderness Medical Institute

  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Wilderness First Responder Recert
  • Wilderness First Aid

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