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Climbing Routes in Oregon - Disclaimer

This section of our website contains all routes known to us. We are working on posting brief descriptions and supporting materials such as maps and photos. For most routes there are short descriptions posted which members can access. We are also working on "route sheets", two page descriptions that can be printed and taken along on the climb. These are available to OMA members for free. We can provide more details, and in some cases current conditions/suggestions, for many routes to OMA members via e-mail upon request. Members can also search and review our extensive collection of archived climb reports for past comments and experiences.

When making use of any route information provided on our web site please keep the following in mind:

Accuracy and Completeness

The routes on Oregon's cascade volcanoes are mountaineering routes. Route descriptions are not as detailed as they often are for well established sport rock climbs. They are usually an overview, leaving many routefinding skills up to the mountaineer. Instinct and judgment are required.

Skills, Qualifications, and Conditions

It is not the responsibility of the OMA to determine whether or not any particular individual or group has the technical skills, emergency skills, and/or equipment to undertake an attempt on any climbing route. While many of the easiest routes are often viewed as "trivial" or mere hikes it is important to realize that this is only true under ideal conditions. A sudden change in weather or poor snow conditions can often change the situation quickly with little warning.

Government Regulations

In many cases part(s) of the approach and perhaps even the climb are subject to various permit systems and regulations imposed by the land owner. Generally the controlling agency is the US Forest Service, although the East side of Mt Jefferson is part of the Warm Springs Indian reservation. USFS rules and regulations change so often that we will not attempt to post this information. They are also defined and enforced very arbitrarily. Many of the regulations are controversial. It is up to each individual and/or group to be familiar with the rules which apply and to decide how to comply (or not to, as some people choose this - most notably when it comes to the "Fee Demo" program requiring a pass to park at trailheads).

Anything Else

The limitations and cautions on this page are not necessarily complete. Anyone who makes any use of the information on our web site does so at their own risk.

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